The use of toxic plants and flying ointment

The plants possess powers quite extraordinary. They can be used in medicine, they can be used for their magical virtues, and they can cause death. The more crazy, is that a same plant can do everything at once, everything is a matter of dosage. Many people warn the other vis-à-vis the toxicity of such or such a plant. But a poison that can do harm is often a medicine that can cure.

Some may find my passion for these plants a bit morbid, but for my part I find fascinating. However, what I call" The Poison Plant Path "or well" P3 "is not to be taken lightly. It is important to know the plants that are side by side and requires a rigorous learning : their stories, their potential, their chemistry, their uses. Another way to be more sensitive to know these plants is, simply, to learn how to grow in you and to maintain them. A link more intimate and close then form and you will be less likely to be injured by their dangerousness, especially if you intend to use.

Although ingesting this type of plants to ensure a beautiful death, their use by other routes is possible (with a dosage within reasonable limits of course). Medicine, magic, anesthetic, tonic... each plant to its virtues. In magic, the toxic plants are very used by the dermal route via macerates oily or ointments, it is said that they allow the escape of the soul out of the body and a spiritual view of our environment.

During my research, you guessed it, I came across writings about the famous" Flying Ointment "the flying ointment of the witches. Finally, we attribute it to witches, but History shows us that this ointment had already existed during the Ancient Greece. This ointment is composed of oil, in which was infused the quartet infernal : Belladonna, Datura, Henbane Black, and Mandrake. A family meeting in the Solanaceae, in a way. It is said that everywhere where we can find these plants, cultivated or wild, it is the same for witches.

This ointment is applied to the base of the neck, the connection between the mind and the body, or the soles of the feet. A small overview of the trip ? To begin with, the effects will be very physical, you will feel euphoric, as with alcohol. Then your pupils dilateront, you'll be hot, cold, your mouth will dry and you will have a vision of a more fuzzy things that surrounds you. Then, your sensory perception is going to completely switch, you will see, hear, touch, feel, taste like never before, every sense is magnified and on the lookout. Finally, for the more spiritual, everyone reacts differently. You may have thoughts very deep, you will marvel at this new world that opens to you, and to hear and see things not visible to ordinary as well as feel the fear and drive you into a crazy nightmare.

“As I anoint my body with this salve, my spirit will loosen from its flesh and fly from here.”

A point of view more scientific, these plants psychoactive stimulate the pineal gland which implies a high secretion of melatonin. It is this substance that induces a state of waking dream, of course, this only occurs during our sleep. The phenomena of lucid dreams (not to be confused with hallucinations) and out of body experiences are directly linked to this sleep hormone.

I said that the spirit of this ointment is not to" make a trip to the fun "and that we must respect these plants. If that is your desire, you will regret it, I've already told you of the character quite a unique Lady Datura. This ointment is only a tool for those who already have the gift to perceive the other worlds, made with the traditional plant, not a trip of LSD. These plants do not create another world or you carry to the far, they do not diminish the barriers between the worlds. They are the key of the conscience, and we realize our blinders.

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  • Blue Althea

    Written on January 4, 2017


    I love your article, I'm interested in the plants for a long time and it is true that I have never tried to make ointment, I already had these day dreams that you describe, I could hear my family talking in the living room and yet I dream and control my dreams, it was very disturbing, but so fascinnant !
    Blue Althea

  • shaman

    Written on January 14, 2017


    atropine, hyoscamine, scopolamine; to master , otherwise, risk of requiem aeternam !!!
    the recipe also requires a base ( the original ash) and fat, saponifiable; replacing the solanaceae by the caffeine, one obtains a soap anti-cellulite
    do when same blunder: this is a recipe to steal, is a true narcotic, hallucinogenic

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