Journal of lucid dreams #1

I decided to share with you excerpts from my dream journal. Here, it is the testimony of my first experience of lucid dreaming. I said that this dream has not been caused. I was sleeping in the sole purpose to rest and had not sought to be lucid. I am not a psychologist, and therefore I do not claim to understand everything in my dreams, nor know how to interpret things correctly. So this is the story of what I saw and felt, with my words, although they are not always fair. The purpose of this sharing is also to show you that this kind of dream is a very personal experience, that there would be nothing to see from one individual to the other. The idea is also to make you see that at the beginning of this experience, it is not necessary to expect dreams to be very long or transcendental, it comes slowly.

Good read ! Please do not hesitate to make me part of your journal or your interpretation of my dream.

" First dream of which I'm completely sure he was lucid. I walked along the arm of a pond, on my left, with little depth. Perhaps it was this near the shore. This landscape reminded me a little of the Burgundy, where I often go on vacation. While walking, I looked at the expanse of water, sometimes discovering, sometimes through the vegetation, and I was afraid to see something like a corpse that flotterait to the surface of the water. I was afraid because I knew that I was going to see something like that in fact. Maybe it comes from the story of an old friend of the family who is given the death of the kind. But in all cases, every time that I approach the state of consciousness of a lucid dream, my mind generates ideas and images scary. May be it's a kind of defense system to dissuade me to continue.

As I was walking around peering into the water with apprehension, I shook my right hand and I felt that I had a small pencil in it. It is at this exact moment that I knew that I had taken possession of my dream, because I felt the pen in my hand while I was in my bed. At this very moment, I looked once again the water and there I saw what I dreaded hearing. It was there, in a dress of the Eighteenth century, wine and black, floating face in the water. Her hair floated also, and mingled with the fabric with harmony. On the other hand, his vision I was not horrified like I thought it would. She seemed so peaceful.

It was then that my spirit has gathered together all its forces to regain the consciousness that I had acquired in this dream. Suddenly my vision became less clear, and I could make out more details of the landscape. It became impossible for me to move again. I tried with all my strength to bring my right hand to my face, but it was as if a huge invisible force I used to hold in order to force me to stay still. I had to make the space of a few moments, what is called a sleep paralysis. And then, I woke up.

I intend to repeat the experience because I know it will be rewarding for me. One day, the cards have told me that in order to develop more my psychic abilities, I had to strengthen my mind and that I renounce the fear. I think that this type of exercise will make it stronger and more resistant. On the other hand, I know and feel that there are a lot of things hidden in me. Good or bad, I don't know. I only know that they are buried very deep in me. I admit that it scares me. Perhaps it is from there that comes this defense mechanism during my lucid dreams. Maybe I keep myself to access a part of my consciousness because I'm afraid of what I'll find. But it has to be. Otherwise I could never move on, nor I know really. I don't know what I must conclude from this dream, I feel only that I must return there and see the face of this woman. Other questions also require answers. What happened to this woman ? What message does she have for me ? Why I had a pencil in my hand ? Why couldn't I see that the landscape to my left ? What lies there to the right ? Why a dress of this century ? Is this consistent with the age of the victim or is it my mind that has been influenced by the historical series that I watch lately ? "

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