The art of Magic and Nature

What is the Magic, do you know ? " True "Magic, I hear. That is what drives her, where does it his strength ? Nowadays, everybody knows and uses this word, which has become a true catch-all. Paranormal, wonderful, manifestation of the Daemon, parallel world, or even fabrication of old women. You can hear everything and its opposite about Magic. And because the truth of each is not necessarily that of the other, I'm going to give you my truth of the Magic.

For me, it is an ancient art that everyone naturally has, which vibrates in each of us, but that only the most sensitive of individuals can operate. The Magic has long been involved in science as well as religion in the course of History, but for me it is a discipline-specific (that operates in all areas of our world : physics, chemistry, esotericism, biology, etc, The Magic, it is Nature, in its entirety, simply. Master the Magic, is to know the natural laws, be aware of the energies that surround us. Although invisible, they are no less present, perceptible and sensitive. Thus, they influence us, our behavior, our feelings, and we on them.

The Magic is above all something personal, that resonates in the depths of our being. It is impossible to feel and use Magic if one is not in agreement with our body and our mind, even if it is not connected to the Nature. This is why, in our world, very few people are able to perceive this Gift. I read there is a little sentence that I found very sobering fact :" Magic. The Soul works. ".

In order to connect in a meaningful way and is sustainable in Nature, the wheel of the year is there to support us. This" wheel "this cycle, is based on the Land : the rhythm of its seasons, the lunar cycles, the periods in the universe ; in short, on the whole of the natural phenomena that govern our planet. Following the wheel, we ensure to develop our spirituality while having a way of living in harmony with Nature and the elements, in the respect of our environment and its changes. Of course, this does not operate in a cycle. It is throughout our life and each of its wheels that is successful to recognize, interpret, and use the energies that surround us.

A score of celebrations are present on this wheel, throughout the year, each based on a time when the natural energies are very powerful, such as the changing of the seasons, the solstices or the equinoxes. Thus, Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasadh are the sabbaths says" major "and Yule, Ostara, Litha and Mabon are the sabbaths, says" minors ". On the other hand, the wheel celebrates the esbats, which correspond to each night of the full moon.

The moon is a celestial body that is fundamental for the Magic, it has the ability to boost the energies, our powers, our intuition, our dreams and even our gift of clairvoyance. It is all the more important for us women, because the Moon is our Goddess. Depending on the position of this star, it allows us to surround ourselves with positive energy or the opposite, to free us from energies negative. Yes because, as in Nature, as we do, the Magic is not black or white, it is both. Every being has a shadow part and a part of light. Without being aware of this, and without knowing each of these units, one cannot understand the Magic.

Each of these sabbaths and esbats invite you to celebrate, traditionally with the fall of night, the Nature, know it and understand it. Thus, their celebration is carried out conveniently in the heart of Nature. It is a matter of finding a place full of energy, a place where one feels in harmony, a place secluded from civilization where you can be in osmosis with the elements, where the time stops. Music, dance, herbs, incense, a fire, a menhir, a stone circle and the sexual act are numbers of ways and friendly places to connect to Nature and celebrate it. Everyone is able to achieve these celebrations as he can and as he wishes. Thus, while some prefer to gather for his opportunities and take the opportunity to share recipes, knowledge, ointments, talismans or other. For my part, I prefer and I need to be alone. It must be my side Hedgewitch.

Although the sabbaths and esbats to guide our spirituality, especially for the young, it should not be neglecting our daily lives. These celebrations do not have a character" sacred "they represent only the times that are most conducive to the awareness and the mastery of the Magic. Let us not forget that the Magic remains around us every day and that we can caress her veil in every moment. Thus, according to me, achieve the high mastery of Magic, is to know cherish, appreciate and learn each day of our lives. Be attentive to what is happening around us, to be an integral part of Nature and to become a priestess, a fairy, a druidesse, a magician, a witch, a Force.

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  • Diane Snotra

    Written on May 11, 2017


    Your article is really perfect ! You explain very well the magic as it is and not as it has been distorted and obscured over centuries by the ignorant. I like also to be only for the sabbaths.

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