The Horned God & Triple Goddess

This is a subject very complex ! For my part, I put a lot of time before understanding the real identity and role of these deities. I practice for several years but I had never looked at this aspect of magic. All these gods, goddesses, multiple origins and with various functions not spoke to me not at all and I had a lot of trouble to identify myself with them. But some time ago, and after a few readings, I had a click. I now know who they are.

Let's be honest, when one is pagan, one can get lost quickly among the pantheon of celtic, Greek, roman, gaulish, egyptian... And in addition to all these divinities, we hear about constantly" the god "and of the" the goddess ". It was a real mess in my head ! But now, the light has dazzled the sabbath of Ostara, she has enlightened my mind. And in the end, I say to myself that previously I was perhaps not ripe enough in my spirituality to understand this : all the deities of the many roles that one can find in the different pantheons are just facets of the God and the Goddess. King Holly, the Green Man, Pan, Cernunnos are aspects of the Horned God, adapted according to the beliefs of the time. Similarly, Hecate, Isis, Brigid, Artemis, Demeter, are some of the faces of the Goddess. This may seem obvious to some, this was not it for me.

The Horned God and the Triple Goddess are deities complementary. The God is the symbol of the sun, of fertility, of sexuality, of animals and of the wild nature, the summer, of hunting, of death and renewal, of war, of the harvest. We attribute the more often an animal head, or at least of the horns (deer, goat, bull...). The Goddess as it symbolizes the night, the three phases of the moon in correspondence to the three ages of the woman, the star, the fertility of the soil, the cataclysms, water, birth, the beauty, divination, wisdom, the destruction. She is the Goddess of Earth, mother of all things. You will have understood, each deity has different attributes without being black or white. It is a clever balance of the two.

After having learned these many things, I tried to connect to these deities. And there, it was a total failure. I needed a second trigger to finally get there. It took me so completely of the head, stereotypical image of the God that we are taught while young. This monotheistic God who reigns supreme and for that we're just ants. This God is so far away and untouchable. This God is invincible. The Horned God and the Goddess are eternal, that's for sure, but everyone is born, lives and dies to be reborn the season coming and form an endless cycle. In reality, the God and the Goddess are all around us. The Horned God is the Sun, the light, just as much as the doe wild as I'm going to surprise at the bend of a ride. The Goddess is the Moon, the rain, the lower flower, as well as the tree under which I like to meditate. I found the deities in every walk of my life, in every particle of Nature, in every coincidence too good to be true, in every work of divination.

For the first time, a few days ago, shortly after the sabbath of Ostara, the Horned God is invited in my dreams. I'll tell you what was going on because this is personal, but rather of my feelings. It all started when that famous morning where I am recouchée after work, exhausted from my week. I entered a state very close to lucid dreaming, a state I had never explored. I was asleep in my bed, but I could see very clearly what was going on around me : birds singing, a dog barking in the distance, the factor that happens, the sun of my window which to me is bathed in its light... but at the same time I was not there. I heard sometimes, so very sharp and clear, my mother speak to my sister of my nephew, sometimes I could see and read signs and books... I felt" physically "every detail of my dream : the smells, what I wanted in the hand, etc, And suddenly, I found myself in my room, still asleep, and I saw it. The Horned God. Later, when I woke up, I had a lot of trouble to make things clear in my mind. Was this just a dream or a little more ? All my senses told me that it was real, but my caution and my ego told me to stay modest. After all, I did nothing special to deserve a visit of God in person.

So I pondered, and then I decided to ask my oghams, history to have the heart net. My question was simple : what was the message of this visit ? I was planning to carry out a pulling out a ogham only. But during the draw, my hand is resting on a first and a fraction of a second later on his neighbor. It is a thing which happens to me rarely so I am assuming that these two oghams were asked to respond to my question, certainly with various time frames. The two oghams out of this draw : first, Beith (birch), and, second, Eabadh (the sacred grove). The first indicates the renewal energy of spring, purification, vital energy. The second reveals the destiny, the spirituality is gained, the mystical being accomplished, the knowledge of the cosmos, energy and Nature. While I was in the process of discovering the meaning of this draw, I have mice, and I quickly realized that this smile was not mine but the mischievous smile of the Horned God who comes to reveal a little of its mystery.

Song of the Horned God & Triple Goddess

She is the mother of all things, beyond Time
It is his son, his most faithful lover
Together they rule in a wheel infinite
The heat of the day to the cool of the night

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