The Oracle of Avalon

Some time ago, I presented to you theHedgewitch Botanical Oracle, now at the Wisdom of Avalon. Although I have always been an unconditional of the tarot, I discovered with pleasure that the oracles are useful in their own way : an infinite variety of maps, easy-to-use and they allow you to perfectly complement, qualify a circulation of tarot classic. This time, my attention has been drawn to this oracle of Avalon, based on the characters, creatures and symbols of Ancient Tradition. Through the mists of the Sacred Island, the wisdom of the Ancients guide us on the trail of mysterious of the Goddess.

Presentation of the oracle

The oracle is presented in a small box of 52 cards, accompanied by a guide. It contains a brief presentation of the magic that reigns over Avalon, a manual to make his prints, a full description of the symbolism of each card and finally, a presentation of the author, Colette Baron-Reid. The cards, meanwhile, are distinguished into four distinct categories :


• The Partnership
• The Concentration
• Wealth
• The Constraints
• The Movement
• The Joy
• The Protection
• The Upheaval
• The Risk
• Communication
• The Perception
• The Burden
• Letting go
• Love
• Death
• The Trust
• Fear
• Forgiveness
• The Renaissance
• The Truth
• The Mystery


• The eagle
• The Raven
• The Falcon
• The Swan
• The Owl
• The Frog
• The spider
• The bee
• The Deer
• The Cat
• The Dog
• The Cow
• The Wasp
• The Doe
• The Snake
• The Dragon
• The Butterfly
• The Horse


• The Magician Merlin
• The High Priestess
• The King
• The Queen
• The Novice
• The Knight of the Grail
• The Bard
• The Lady of the Lake


• The Fairy of the Earth
• The Naiad
• The Fairy of the Wind
• The Fairy of Fire
• The Gnome

The cards are very beautiful, they have a representation in the watercolour of the subject, surmounted by its name, its category, and the keywords of its symbolism, of its interpretation. Each card is also numbered to easily find it again in the guide, and framed by a border of interlacing celtic. For finishes, each card is thick, takes easily in her hand, the slice has a gold finish and the back of each card features a watercolour of the symbols of Avalon : the Sacred Cup, and the famous crescent Moon blue that adorned the front of the Priestesses of Avalon.

I love this oracle, and I find it gives off a beautiful energy. I had no difficulty to take it in hand because I already felt much affinity with the magic of Avalon. For the choice of cards, I find it very good but I would have hoped that the category of "Fairy Guides" to be more supported. Similarly, I would have much appreciated a category " The Sacred Places of Avalon ", for example with the Tor, the stone circle, the Well of Sacred waters misty, etc

Draw from the Well of Sacred

In the legend of Avalon, the Well's Sacred island was prophetic, a place of communication between people, but also a way to glimpse the designs of the Goddess. In light of this principle, I suggest you perform a draw on the schema of the Well Sacred to seek the advice of the sages of Avalon for the new year that begins.

I : the Milestone of the Trail, Sacred on which you are currently
II : the Milestone not to be overlooked for advancing on the Path of Sacred
III : the Animal on Avalon that will guide you this year and of which you must learn
IV : the Milestone to acquire to accomplish your projects
V : the guest mystery : a loving support, a specific advice, or an unexpected accident that will require more than through previous lessons
VI : the message of Avalon for you : a global council of Elders to move forward and flourish in the path of the Goddess

To achieve this draw, take care to separate each category of cards in order to choose an appropriate one. Start by getting the cards in position I, II and IV (the Milestones of the Trail Sacred), continue through the map III (The Animal Guides of Avalon), and then by the card VI (The Messengers of Avalon). Finally, finish by mixing all the cards to draw the map V, the guest of mystery.

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