Massage mystical for a moment of well-being and magic

You know, I like to design recipes of my small hands and made of dual-use goods. Today I propose you a recipe of massage oil (poke Antony). You can use it for yourself, to relax, for your pet and this for a body massage or scalp, for the well-being of your body or your mind. Given the choice of ingredients, it is also an ally before any work of meditation, relaxation or divination. Gently massage your temples and the inside of the wrists with a few drops of oil and let it carry you.

Ingredients :
  • 250ml of vegetable oil, Macadamia
  • 25 grams of resin Incense Frankincense
  • 25 grams of resin of Myrrh
  • 20gr of resin of Dragon's Blood
  • Essential oil of Sandalwood
  • Essential oil of Ravintsara
  • Essential oil of Nard Jatamansi
  • 1 stone rolled away, Black Tourmaline

To the extent possible and to your means, I encourage you to prefer certified organic products, the benefits are always the best !

Start by making soak the resins of frankincense in the vegetable oil of Macadamia. I suggest you reduce them to powder the resins so that the maximum assets and fragrances can penetrate into the oil. It is very important to soak the resins average temperature ! To do this, place your oil and resins in a bain-marie and let it warm for several hours, stirring from time to time, not to exceed forty degrees. As usual, the longer you let them steep a long time, the more your oil will be powerful.

Once the maceration is complete, filter the mixture to remove any remains and deposits of resins and then put it in the pot immediately. Add the essential oils and mix gently. Finally, add the stone rolled away, Black Tourmaline, ensuring that it is thoroughly clean. On the other hand, it does not need to be purified since it does not absorb negative energy, it transforms them. You will find that the resulting oil has a red colour orange to be very strong, this is normal, this is due to the coloring power of the Blood of a Dragon.

Why did I choose these ingredients ? Well for starters, the oil of Macadamia is great for massages, it is light, penetrates the skin very well, softened, nourished, soothes and leaves no finished fat. For resins and essential oils, it is a personal choice. I wanted to create an atmosphere that is mystical, spiritual, warm and comforting. Finally, I decided to add to this wonderful oil the virtues of the Black Tourmaline. It is a stone very interesting that allows you to release tension and stress. As said above, it also has the peculiarity to transform the bad energy into something positive in order to always allow for the evolution, harmony. It protects and promotes meditation.

And lo and behold, it does not remain you more that to turn on a few candles, sit back, relax and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the hands and the massage oil.

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