Morrigan, the Great Queen of the Shadow

I rarely talk about deities here, but the reason is simple : as long as it is not unveiled to my eyes, as she did not murmur his name, I can't speak to that. The goddess that I'm going to introduce you to honour me with his presence and I bathed his magic for many years now. Nevertheless, I have discovered his identity, there's very little, as if I had to accomplish a certain personal path before you can welcome him fully. This deity is none other than the goddess celtic Morrigan. Morrigan is part of the pantheon celtic irish Tuatha Dé Danann, as well asAirmed I told you about previously. It is the female deity paramount, after Dana of course. Morrigan is the wife of the Druid God Dagda, with which it was united during the night of Samhain. The unions sacred are celebrated customary at Beltane, but Morrigan is the goddess dark par excellence, his union took place at Samhain, the sabbath, which is associated with it.

NB : here, terms such as" Dark "," Darkness "," Brutality "or referring to death are not to interpret negatively. All the ambiguity of this goddess is based on. The shadow is not synonymous with evil, even death is not an end in itself.

" There are those who find comfort in the Shadows,
Who try to understand their Mysteries,
Who find their joy in the Silence of a Winter Night,
And whose songs are sung at half-voice for the Old.
We are the Gentiles of the Shadow, children of the Dark Mother. "

Morrigan, a goddess of Magic and Darkness

In the collective mind, it is often the Morrigan as a woman, poor, proud, jealous, and who never ceases to take revenge. In my opinion, all this is totally false. Of course, Morrigan is the Goddess of the Shadow, she did not know the half-measure and is a franchise devastating, representing the Truth plain. But it is a divinity, an incredibly complex and rich, which is much more than a black goddess or lethal. Morrigan is known to wear many faces, but it often appears in the guise of a young woman with long black hair, the deep eyes, and surrounded by an aura of mysterious beauty. In his animal form, Morrigan takes on the appearance of a crow or a raven. She reigns over the darkness, mistress of the prophecies, as the guardian of the Other World. She is the goddess of magic, of divination, of war, of sovereignty.

In the teaching druidic, one of the most important steps is to know yourself to its depths, to embrace its darkness as much as his light. Morrigan appears in every druid in the making and the leads on the trail of his darkness, the time of a long introspection. Of this long journey, the subject emerges transformed, leaving it to die a part of him, to be reborn another. Morrigan provides instruction essential of the druids : the natural cycle of life, death, and rebirth, which we all face. But if Morrigan is famous, it is above all for his presence on the field of battle. She is known to wander, without fear, during battle. As a goddess of sovereignty, she observes and judges the legitimacy of each before taking a position. As an opponent, Morrigan is one of the most formidable, one of his screams that can knock down hundreds of men. It also has the power to inspire fear or despair to his opponents, the courage and the strength to his allies. As a prophetess, she predicted the outcome of the battles and acts so that things happen according to his plan. Morrigan is also the guardian of the Sidh, the Other World and this coupled with his many gifts of a witch, allowing him to possess great power over the Destiny. Thus, Morrigan finds herself at the heart of many omens : the presence of a crow on the ledge of the window is an omen of the messenger of Death, and the vision of a young woman washing a cloth is stained with blood near a river. On the other hand, a crow or a raven sitting on a branch of hawthorn announces a door to Another World, a place where the Veil is thinner. Acting in the shadows, Morrigan is the allegory of perfect Destiny itself.

The goddess Morrigan was also a different face, a face that we all know and that allows us to better understand his ambivalence. This face, this is the one of Morgana, priestess of Avalon, a fairy of Brittany. In fact, both are the darkness necessary to our world.

My experience with Morrigan

It is really very hard for me to find the right words to talk to you about Morrigan. She is a goddess dark but so beneficial. Evolve with it there is nothing morbid, sad, hurt. On the contrary, I've never been so flourishing as since I have heard his call. For my part, it has greatly influenced my life and I owe him my brutality, my independence, my openness, my determination, my strength. I began to feel his presence during a difficult period of my life, at a crossroads where I had to choose between pull myself together or sink. True to herself, she did not bring comfort, but has given me the shock I needed to give me legs. While some people are trying to help you by restricting your sadness or your anger, Morrigan will push you to let them explode to draw strength and wisdom. You sommera to assert yourself fully, you know, into your darkness, show your Truth, your being as much shadow as light, to do what is necessary, without taking tweezers. It emerges transformed, because all of the obstacles that either fears, failures, feelings, become a source of power to accomplish. Some fear more than all the shade and the solitude, for my part I am fed of their knowledge and am well pleased in their embrace.

Song of the Great Queen

" Listen to the words of the Dark Goddess, who brings us the Wisdom and the Power,
Listen to me, children of the Goddess, and watch me as I am, naked and without a veil.
I've been with you since the beginning, and I would accompany until you tell me to come back.

I am Lover, passionate, the Seductive scarlet who inspires songs of love and despair of poets.
I am the one who whispers your names at the end of the trip.
When the day dies away, you find the rest in my embrace blessed.

I am the matrix of fruitful where all things originate.
Thus all things must me back, stripping themselves of the vanities of life, dying, and being reborn in the Great Whole.
I am the Witch, fierce and free, the Weaver of time, the Mistress of Mysteries.

I cut the thread of your lives, in order that you me come back.
I slice the throat of the ungodly, and drink the blood of the cowards.
Swallow your fear and come to me, and you will discover true beauty, strength and courage. "

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