Magical plants for the dark season

The biggest of the Summer is now behind us, Lughnasadh, the first harvest, also. The sweltering heat leaves place again in the cool and rain. The smell of fall begins to settle in Britain, as far as the trees blush. In a short time, Mabon will be at our door and we will go gently into the dark season. For my part, it is the period that I prefer, which corresponds to me the most and that allows me to evolve a little more each year. 

It's been a long time that I have not published here, for the simple reason that I have gone through a sort of spiritual desert. For months I felt disconnected from everything, agree with nothing, I could no longer perceive the messages of nature. I even lost my animal guide. I must admit that between my work, my studies, the creation of my business and my personal life, I seldom had the time or energy for my spirituality. But things go slowly in the order and I realized some things. This" empty "spiritual has been beneficial because it has allowed me to realize that my journey was only just beginning and that nothing was acquired. This has allowed me to realize that I needed to rebuild my spirituality, the more my image. I questioned my oracles and the steps of this reconstruction were drawn : upheaval, emotions, omens & messages, liberation, movement, rebirth, healing, transformation, effort, confidence, wisdom, magic, mystery, prophecy. This will be my way in the months to come ! For the time being, I'm at" movement ". In step" omens & messages "I discovered a new animal that watches over me as well as a new tool of divination that has been able to be very relevant and guide me on the path that is mine : the trip between the worlds. In addition, I have become aware of the existence of certain bottlenecks that are hampering my spiritual evolution.

Ode to the dark season

" I called the mists mystics of the East,
They cover the moor sacred of their coat.
I called the flamboyant colors of the South,
They are echoed in the fire inside the tree and the fruit.
I call the rain to fall in the West,
She captivates the forests of her delicate perfume.
I call the energy of abundance to the North,
It gratifies the land of many circles of witch.

Apple, chestnut, mushroom,
As the Summer was mild until Mabon.
Squash, pomegranate, grape,
Autumn blessed, show me the way. "


The magical herbs of my spiritual quest

The dark season allows me each year to focus on myself, my development, my path, my abilities. This year, more than ever, this time me will be paramount. I count on it and on its energies to guide me and accompany me on my journey. So I decided to better prepare for this period, in order to have all the necessary items in hand when the time comes and able to concentrate on the spiritual. Among these preparations, I began to collect and gather twenty plants with magical properties that are very specific in order to accompany me in my evolution. Why twenty plants ? Each person has a particular link with a number, for many witches it is the number nine, for my part it is the two. This is a figure that speaks to me a lot, a symbol of duality and balance at the same time. I have chosen these plants for their properties, in light of my issues, please do not hesitate to do the same in relation to what you want to accomplish.

  • AbsintheArtemisia absinthium : optimizes the capacity of clairvoyance
  • Borage, Borago officinalis : brings courage, and helps fight the fears
  • Heather, Calluna vulgaris : a healing aid and care, brings humility and encourages the link between the worlds
  • Bryone, Bryonia dioica : encourages psychic gifts, allied to the spiral evolutionary and the inner quest
  • Juniper, Juniperus communis : protection against evil spirits and energies harmful
  • Grenadier, Punica granatum : fruit of prosperity, immortality, support the work of the soul and strengthens the connection between the worlds
  • Gui, Viscum album : plant the sleep blessed, provides protection in the physical world
  • If, Taxus baccata : promotes the transformation, the mystery and the contact between the worlds
  • Ipomée, Ipomea violacea : an ally of the magic moon brings visions pure
  • HenbaneHyoscyamus niger : magic plant par excellence, allows the flight, the journey
  • Peppermint, Mentha x piperita : provides insight and stimulates the mind
  • Hazel, Corylus avellana : sacred essence of the Celts, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge
  • Poppy, Papaver somniferum : brings calm and serenity, which is useful for the preparation to work magic challenging
  • Apple, Malus sp : connection to the natural magic and universal, brings harmony
  • Blackthorn, Prunus spinosa : ally in the case of evolution by trials, of difficult period, barrier or blocking magic
  • Sage, Salvia officinalis : helps in the purification
  • WillowSalix alba/babylonica : improves intuition, helps to remember the past and past lives 
  • Mountain ash, Sorbus aucuparia : plant that brings vital energy to the magic, clairvoyance and divination
  • ElderberrySambucus nigra : induced travel between the worlds, or through self
  • Tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum : enables the healing and the release of obstacles

I look forward already to start this season holy, to reconnect with my" me "deep, to be reborn from my ashes. It is very difficult to find his place without getting lost in the esoteric world, given the many" movements "existing, not to speak of the effects of mode. I can't wait to feel the mists to me, hugging again, me reconnect to the world of thrilling Mystery.

  • • And you, what do you have planned for this fall ? What plants would you like to work ? •

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  • Gwen

    Written on 27 August 2019


    Glad to read you, I hope that you'll find a little time for all that way to browse as you, this is the season that corresponds to me the most, it soothes me and brings me a lot, I have the impression of moving each past fall.
    Hope to read you.

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