Yule, the midnight of the old year and the dawn of the rebirth of the light

The winter solstice is a time of great magic, not only in this specific day, but the entire season that surrounds it. A particular energy unfolds, you can almost touch the fingertips to the magic that permeates the air. The lucky few, of which I'm unfortunately not even have the privilege of having an authentic winter landscape with the recent snowfall on the France.

In the pagan tradition, the winter solstice marks the rebirth of the sun after the cold dark of winter, the rebirth of light, the unconquered sun after the dark period. Therefore, it is a period of rebirth and evolution of our personal light, interior and spiritual. This is the perfect time to honor nature and acknowledge what she has provided us during the past year, let it relax and rest. But it is also the time to take forces to embrace the harshness of the winter that is ringing at our door.

Did you know ? The christians were definitely not invented and borrowed from the pagans, as the term" Christmas "comes from our friends the Gauls, who was in the habit of screaming for joy" Noio Hel "who wants to say" New Sun "during the winter solstice.

Everyone can choose to celebrate the winter solstice as it suits him, depending on his availability, to his ways, according to the echo that this feast was for him, or according to the traditions which speak to him about. For my part, I observe a ritual, very simple, as is my usual, based on my love of Nature and my psychic abilities. The heart of this celebration is to top the return of the light in our beings and in Nature as well as to re-create our balance between light and shadow.

The program
  • Walk in the woods and harvesting of Holly (tribute to the King Holly), Mistletoe (herb of immortality, especially sacred to the Druids), Ivy, Yew, Fir, pine, plants" always green "respecting Nature and thanking her for her gift (I picked a branch or two by foot so as not to damage the entire subject, a sharp cutoff to limit the injury, and a" Thank you "sincere, just, etc.).
  • Decoration of the home with the natural elements of the season : pine cones, nuts, citrus, cinnamon, fire, candles, colorful ribbons (red, green,...), incense, spicy and warm, as well as the plants mentioned above. Personally I am not in favour of the tradition of the tree of Yule, for ecological reasons, but we can imagine other alternatives : decorate simply a branch of fir, or make a tree of Yule from recycled materials, etc
  • Preparation of various recipes to celebrate the solstice, seasonal ingredients : drink, cake, dessert.
  • Little meditation in the colors of the winter to honor the season, to soak up its magic and reconnect with his light deep before the start of the activities, more oracular.
  • Reflection on the negative and the positive of the past year, and work staff for the release of the bad : behavior, entourage, parasite, malice, bad habits, etc Reflection also on at least one positive aspect that I would like to accomplish by the next winter solstice.
  • Draw cards to help me realize this wish : my current situation, my means to achieve my purposes, the problems that I may encounter, the behavior to adopt in...
  • Divination by fire from the traditional log of Yule. It is customary also to keep the log burning for twelve hours in order to bring luck for the coming year.
  • Realization of a purification ritual (fumigation) and of protection (talisman) of the home and of the be to go on a sound basis.

I'll share the brief meditation that I am going to perform as well as a recipe for drink to celebrate the summer solstice, to enjoy alone by the fire or warmly between friends !


As usual, before any meditation, remember to create a cocoon of serenity where reigns the calm and the comfort. Once you are cozily installed, close the eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Do not try to control it, just follow your natural rhythm.

You are surrounded by mist, and distinguish between only the starry night above you as well as the lines of light of the full moon. You are browsing through bare feet of thick stone steps clear, in the midst of this enveloping fog. You can't distinguish, you feel only that you are outside although you are made to feel neither the cold nor the bite of the icy wind. You feel warm and safe. You continue walking on the white stones, the latter drawing a trail fleeting lined with large bowls of bronze inflamed.

As you progress, the mist dissipates and shows the landscape that surrounds you. You then take conscience of being in a vast snowy forest. The white trunks and black birch trees appear from the mist, as well as large branches slightly glowing snow-covered. The carpet of the forest is covered with pristine snow, perfectly white, leaving only appear here and there the passage of a few wild animals. You continue to move forward, now barefoot in the snow and feel the squealing of your every step, like a gentle melody contrasting with the silence of the winter. You hear the chirping of birds around you as well as the cry in the distance of a deer.

You continue your walk and reach soon a clearing where shines a thick ray of sunshine. In its center, the same place where the light touches the earth, an upright stone of a few meters presides over this assembly, white. You feel despite the distance, the heat and the energy that emanates from this stone. You are approaching to observe it more closely. The rock is clear and the granite, slightly pointed at the top. The north face of the stone has a slight cover of moss green as well as a few branches daredevil ivy. Then as you get closer still to the stone, you enter the radius of the sun and feel instantly its caress on your skin, soft and warm. You put a hand on the stone and feel that feeling of softness and warmth to invade your entire body, go over all your members. You feel the energy of this place to have you. Thanks to this heat that flows in your veins like a liquid fire, you radiate a soft light, like the dawn of a spring morning. You take a the middle of this clearing you to close your eyes and completely surrender to the energies and the powers of that season, of this place, of Nature.

You gently open the eyes and see the presence of a chouette hulotte on a snowy branch, which enters your eyes. You gently approach her, while you lost in her eyes deep and mesmerizing. With each step you make in its direction, you perceive all the more of his spirit and his power. Suddenly the animal flies away and then you waiting a few more branches away, waiting for you to follow. Little by little, the owl takes you through the mist-white up to find the stone steps. Once the steps were reached, the owl drops one of its feathers in your hand before disappearing into the mist. You then follow the white stones, each step you back closer to the conscious state, till open the eyes.

  • A litre of cider apples, raw, or red wine, depending on your preferences (this will be the cider for my part)
  • A glass of pure water, if possible harvested in river
  • Three oranges, classic or blood (orange juice if possible)
  • The seeds of a large pomegranate
  • Half a dozen pods of cardamom
  • A pinch of ground nutmeg
  • A pinch of cloves (about four or five)

Those who wish can also add a few spoonfuls of agave syrup or honey to taste, and a cinnamon stick.

Put the alcohol and water in a saucepan and grate the zest of the orange. Then add the orange juice and the spices (try the crumble for more taste). Also, add the pomegranate seeds, previously crushed. Heat all, stirring constantly, until boiling. Then, decrease the heat so that your potion is bubbling slightly, during ten minutes. Filter then and wait another ten minutes before enjoying !

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    • You can use multiple plants to purify your house, personally I use sage because it works very well for me ! I always start the top of the house, the room the more to the east, then west, and then the bottom of the house. I'm trying to soak up the home smoke-free, some use a feather to direct the smoke too.