The Oracle of the Witch of the Hedges

The Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle, or the Oracle of Botany of the Witch of the Hurdles for us French speakers, is a jewel of divination on which I eyeing for some time. I discovered it totally by chance while I was out and about on the internet. At the time, his first version included on the back of each blade on its meaning, that is why I have not bought on. Although beautiful, it was impossible to use it in divination, it was only a collection object. In the course of June, I received a notification from my friend Lisbeth's blog Craigh Na Dun on Instagram, there it is, he was there, pre-order, the second version without text ! And a week later, this arrived in my mailbox.


The oracle is presented in a very pretty box illustrated by some of the plants that can be found on the blades. At the opening of the box, one finds in a first time the guide booklet (about 200 pages), also illustrated. Then, under the guide, we find the oracle, placed it carefully in a box. The oracle is composed of 40 blades. Each blade includes an illustration of a plant (there is even a fungus), beautifully performed by Siolo Thompson, as well as the name of the plant in English, latin, and his message of divination.

Bearberry, Bearberry – Strength, Force
Blackberry, Blackberry – Adaptation
Borage, Borage – Courage
Burdock, Burdock – Tenacity, Tenacity
Calendula, Marigold – Brighten, Illuminate
Cattail, Reed – Build, Build
Chamomile, Matricaire – Soothe, Appease
Chicory, Chicory – Sustain, To Support
Clover, Red Clover – Nurture, Feed (abstract)
Cohosh, Black Cohosh – Repel, To Repulse

Dandelion, Dandelion – Humility, Humility
Daylily, Lily of a day – Ephemeral, Ephemeral
Dogwood, Dogwood – Defend, Defend
Elder, Black Elderberry – Ritual, Ritual
Fern, Fern Female – Growth, Growth
Foxglove, Digitalis – Connection
Garlic, Bear's Garlic – Service
Ghost Pipe, Monotrope – Mystery, Mystery
Golden Poppy, California Poppy – Dream, Dream
Hawthorn, Hawthorn – Sacred, Sacred

Hollyhock, Hollyhock – Abundance, Abundance
Huckleberry, Bilberry – Resourcefulness, Resource
Indigo – Enhance, Improve
Juniper, Juniper – Invigorate, Reinvigorate
Lady's Mantle, Alchémille – Magic, Magic
Marshmallow, Marshmallow – Adversity, Adversity
Morel, Morel – Regenerate, Regenerate
Nettle, Stinging Nettle – Tribulation
Pine, Pine – Preserve
Plantain – Nourish, Feed (concrete)

Wild Rose, Wild Rose – Clarity, Clarity
Rowan, Mountain Ash – Protection
Sage, Sage – Purify, Purify
Salal, Wintergreen – To Subdue, Master
Samphire, Criste – Adventure, Adventure
St John's Wort, st. john's Wort – Stabilizes, Stabilizing
Strawberry, Strawberry – Enjoy, Take Delight
Trout Lily, glacier lily of America – Patience
Purple, Violet – Attract, Attract
Wormwood, Absinthe – Caution, Prudence

As you can see, we find the majority of common plants, known for their medicinal properties or culinary. There are also a few poisonous plants, but no less magical.

In regards to the guide, there are several things. First part on how to use the oracle, whether in an interest in divination, or just the curiosity of botany. Then, a few reminders about the collection and use of wild herbs, the precautions to be taken. Then, we find the explanation of each blade, in alphabetical order (according to the English name). This is constructed in the following way : illustration of the map, the history of the plant (botanical data, uses, past and present, historical anecdotes, etc.), other names of the plant and its message of divination. Finally, at the end of the guide, there are a few pages where the author shares with us some of his recipes, organized according to the seasons : a Tonic for the Spring, Balm for Ostara, Pesto of Nettles, Tea Fall...

First impressions

For blades, I'm in great awe of the beauty of the illustrations ! I very much enjoyed the choice of plants also. For the most part these are plants that I know very well and that I use on a daily basis. It is true that I would have liked to see more of plants, for example rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, heather, willow, belladonna, mandrake, datura, oak, mint, mugwort, etc... But I suspect that the choice of plants did not have to be easy and that the author could not put them all ! Maybe this would be a good idea to create an extension of the oracle with other plants.

As regards the message of divination attributed to each plant, each speaks to me and I find them relevant, logical. On the other hand, I find it a pity that the spiritual aspect of each plant is not expanded in the guide. There is very little explanation about it, the book is more oriented to botany and esoteric and, therefore, the interpretation of each blade, it will be necessary to operate our brains. Very familiar with the plants, I can understand the link that has made the author between the plant and its message of divination, but this is not something that will necessarily logical to someone who starts in this world... on the other hand, even if I create my own prints more often, I would have liked it to have at least one or two examples in the guide, if only for the leap and begin to get acquainted with the oracle. But I was enchanted to discover, in the end, the recipes of the author !

Question feeling, the current is passed on with the blades. As you well know now, my practice and my philosophy are very much focused Hedgewitchery, with a big part of botany, and because it is my passion and my profession. This oracle to me was totally intended ! It is a new way of working with plants and their energies.

Drawing, " you Know the witch who slumbers in you "

To finish, I propose you a small drawing to be done with this oracle only, to get to know each other through the plants.


I : Gift possessed, innate
II : the Gift to acquire over time
III : light
IV : Part shade
V : The thread that guides our life
VI : Dash monitor, which can slow down our progress if it becomes too obnubilant
VII : Our plant guide

Translated by Yandex.Translate and Global Translator

Trace from your internet site.

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  • Andreya

    Written on 26 July 2018


    Hello Erin,

    Thank you for this beautiful discovery (the cross of our dear Lisbeth! If you pass by there my dear, a thought of thanks for you also...) !

    I do not necessarily think to buy it because I prefer to create my own tools, but being myself a passionate fan of plants in my everyday life and my practice for the witch, it inspires me a lot!

    And thank you for the idea to draw that I will do for sure...

    Nice end-of-day to you.


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